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So why is Kenny Dubb Outta Step? Williams is now the driving force behind the Outta Step brand name and is currently the head of Production and President. The INDIEgator had a few questions for him as we’ve been following his work for a while now.

Kenny Dubb, you used to do a lot of performing and are very talented with your flow. But now it seems that you prefer producing primarily. Is that on purpose? As long as I can remember I’ve always been much happier in the studio than on a stage. I’m in the business to get paid to do what I love, not necessarily to be famous. I’m not a very public figure. After we do a show, I only stay in the venue long enough to handle any new business. After that I’m back in the lab or at home watching a gangster movie. In Japan, Game actually sung one of my hooks on stage with the group I produced it for. I wasn’t even there. I was in the studio. Later that night they called me and I was able to kick it with the whole Black Wall Street crew. Good times.

How did you first get into music production in the first place? I got into producing by accident actually. When I was like 12 or 13 I would write computer programs and games. Eventually I wanted to make music for them. After a while I was just more interested in beat making.

Does Outta Step have any projects coming up? We’ve been quietly working on a mixtape with Amos for a fall 2012 release time frame. We’re putting a lot of resources, time, and energy into this project. I don’t want to say too much about it right now. Just stay tuned.

Amos is certainly getting a lot of promo from Outta Step, LLC. What makes him so special to your label? Amos is our premier artist at OSM because he has so much talent and marketability. He’s a new name and we’re a new company. Amos and I work together very well. His flow compliments my beats. He’s soon to make a serious impact in our corner of the industry.

Kenny, why did you and Kenjuan decide to create Outta Step, LLC? Like so many, we started a record label to make decent money the easiest way in history; raw talent. The best feeling is to watch things and situations manifest in your life because of a song that came from your heart. That is the most rewarding sensation in the world to me.

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