Soulful In Singapore: Portia Monique


Kitty: Where was your first performance, in a church or on the street somewhere?

Portia: It was a church out here in Seattle when I was about 8 years old with the choir. The major performance I had was at the Apollo Theater in NY. That was a great experience even though it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.

Kitty: What happened, did you get “wonk wonked…?

Portia: Girl, I didn’t just get “wonk wonked” ok, I got tapped dance off the stage sister! But I realized that a lot of the greats went through the same thing. Luther Vandross, Lauryn Hill, Dave Chappelle… So I took that as a nod like “I got tapped danced off the stage so now I know I’m gonna make it”. It ground-ed me; it was a great experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Kitty: What inspires you? You’ve been songwriting since 12 or so, where do you get it from?

Portia: My own experiences plus things that go on in life that people can relate to, situations that my friends go through, just a little bit of everything and creativity brings it all together of course.

Kitty: Definitely. There are a lot of people that can relate to your music and appreciate it. Who are some of the people that positively acknowledged your music and what you do?

Portia: I entered into an online site once that gets your music heard by the head honchos. You just submit your music to whomever you want that’s listed. I submitted “Make It Pop” to Rodney Jerkins from Darkchild and I got a really good review, 4 out of 5 stars and he loved my music. That was a nice breath of fresh air. Somebody that works with the greats was validating my work. I’ve placed #2 in a contest on Ourstage as well.

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