Soulful In Singapore: Portia Monique


Kitty: What type of challenges have you had to endure music wise? Any yet?

Portia: Not really. I can’t stop from going forward. I have to keep going. There are some discouragements when things aren’t happening fast enough for me and I get like “Hey, I’ve been doing this for some odd years, when are things gonna pickup, when am I gonna be able to let the world hear my music, I’m making all the provisions to make it go down…” The key to that is never to give up because once you do then it’s never going to happen. My motto is like 50 cent says, “Get rich or die trying.”

Kitty: Yes, I’m glad you will continue to be headstrong and move forward. I interview a lot of artists and I listen to your music like, ok, “Why isn’t she out there yet? I need to be hearing Portia’s name everywhere. Why are they sleeping on the wrong person?” They’ll learn. One major piece in continuing to grow is networking. Who are some of the people you’re networking with now?

Portia: I’d kind of been slacking on networking. But I’ve started going to conferences like ASCAP Expo, getting on Twitter… It’s all about getting your face out there and your music in the right hands, and doing shows as well. It all comes with a lot of time and effort.

Kitty: Yes. We have to stay relevant especially with Social Marketing. Even I was hesitant about the switch to Facebook, but I’m glad I did as you have to move forward with the industry. Are you collaborating with other artists or open to doing so? Any dream collaborations you would love to do?

Portia: Definitely. I’ve opened up for Green Lantern before. And I work with anybody that’s a hard worker and really trying to make it happen. As far as dream collaborations, Rodney Jerkins because he is amazing; Full Moon was my favorite album ever. I would love to work with Missy Elliott and Pharell Williams. I even want a song with Jay-Z; he’s so filthy. Everybody’s done it but I want to do it too. Also Snoop and Crucial Conflict, I would love to work with them.

Kitty: You certainly have your own style, your own beautiful voice. One of the things I’ve noticed is how completely natural your talent is; you don’t have to use auto tune or anything. What do you have to do in order to train or prepare yourself to perform on these tracks?

Portia: A lot of water and vocal exercises. I learned my lesson from not doing the vocal exercises. Now when I get in the booth I don’t go too sharp or crack, everything comes out perfect. I’ve been singing like this forever. I have my own unique style but take elements from people I like and intermingle them with mine and try to make it 100% me.

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