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At least 4 years ago, I was introduced to a phenomenal Spoken Word Artist out of Chicagoland (Aurora) who goes by the name of Chill. He’s since been on my program on  Kitty Williams LIVE at least three different times (June 29th 2009Feb 22nd 2009 Feb 12th 2011) and is coming to Houston, TX on April 20th to be featured on my TV program The Kitty Williams Show. I am so excited because if you’ve ever seen or heard him perform, it will just blow you away. We decided he is a perfect Artist to feature in our new magazine The INDIEgator because not only is Chill truly talented, but he’s a very good guy. The cherry on top is he promotes so hard. To date, He still has had the biggest audience my radio show has ever had. We love that here. Speaking of radio, in order to help you get to know Chill better if you haven’t had the chance to be Blessed with his Spiritual fruit yet, we decided to include a little of his last interview here.  Read through to the end to find out what all he has got going on now!

Kitty: In an industry where Spoken Word (Poetry) is underrated, you definitely get around and don’t let that challenge hold you back. You stay traveling and doing shows. In your own words, tell us what you do.

Chill: I’m from Chicago and I’m an Inspirational Spoken Word Poet and Actor.

Kitty: One of the things I like about you is you keep it real, you speak on a spiritual level, not to limit you because you speak on a lot of societal issues. You infuse God a lot into your messages. But those are my words, what would you say your message is?

Chill: I glorify God In everything I do. It’s more than just words I’m saying.  There’s a meaning behind it. So when I’m writing I’m feeling everything that I’m saying, which is why my performances are so energetic. Even when I’m talking about breast cancer, AIDS and other common issues, I always glorify God.

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