The “Chill” Heard Around the World


Kitty: How do you get your inspiration?

Chill: Before I write, I tell Him what I’m trying to do and what direction I want to go into with the piece I’m trying to create and he always brings that greatness out of me so I can bring it to the world. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kitty:  Your Blessings are showing. You’re traveling across the Nation and World, to Schools, TV shows, Radio shows… What do you think makes you so in demand? Of course God is paving the way for you…

Chill: I’m a go getter, If it’s something I want, I’m going to try my hardest to get it; just can’t let life pass me by with so many opportunities out there. I watch TV and videos out there and feel that I need to be on there. The only way that will happen is if I continue to put myself out there and its my job to make myself presentable. I go hard with every performance because I feel somebody is actually looking for me.  Working a 9-5 is not for me. Not knocking anyone that does, but I feel that the plan God has for my life is to be in the industry. Even if it’s Acting, Spoken Word, Clothing line, etc… I’ve been working with God forever and I want this. It’s not even about the fame or anything. I just try to give God all the Glory and Build up the Kingdom because that’s what I represent. It’s not even about the money, but it is about spreading the word of God because a lot people are not capable of knowing what He can do. So whether performing, out and about or even just having a regular conversation, I try to rep to the fullest about what God is doing in my life.

Kitty: Tell us some of the shows you’ve been on aside from mine.

Chill: I’m honored having done your show so many times and I’ve also done several Internet Radio shows, local TV shows, appearing in another magazine… So I feel good about that and Every opportunity that I get to be heard or seen as they always allow me to connect with other people to get me to places like New York or Atlanta, etc…

Kitty: Right! I mean you’re also doing stage plays, going on cruises… By the way, what are your websites where folks can keep up with your itinerary, shows and work?

Chill: is my primary website. I’m also on Facebook.

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