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Kitty: When we first started networking, we never really talked about you doing Acting, but you’ve been in several stage plays as well. How did you get into the whole acting thing?

Chill: Poet/Actor Frank Pete had talked to a Writer about letting me open up for a show, so that’s how it all came about. I never went to a play or anything like that until this opportunity. That opportunity opened up another opportunity for another play. What I learned as far as this theater industry is that a lot of Writers support each other. So then just by sitting in the audience and watching the show, I went to those Playwrights that I had built relationships with and approached them about giving me parts in their shows and now I’m in love with it. I enjoy it. I’m not as comfortable with acting because I’m still a beginner but it’s still exciting. 6 or 7 stage plays in the first year, 3 movies coming up… all through the grace of God.

Kitty: You’re so talented in your Ministry to people’s hearts and souls. Anyone that sees you perform on video or especially Live…its just amazing, like something you’ve never seen before.

Chill: God inspires me so much, giving me the words to give to the people. He gives me directions when I’m going back and forth pointing to the sky. See I have time with God and am just vibing with him. I hope people really understand what I’m saying because it’s really hard to explain. If somebody had a camera spying on me, they would think I was crazy because I’m pacing back and forth and jumping up and down! But God gives me these pieces when I have nothing, He does it all. And the love I have for it (inspires me). Ever since I was 8 or 9 years old I’ve been doing music and this is only the beginning. My career hasn’t even started yet. I feel that with all the opportunities I’ve had, I’m just getting my feet wet.

Kitty: Well said. Any shout outs or words of encouragement you want to give?

Chill: You. Thank You for giving me another opportunity. All the Poets out there, it’s our time. We’ve got to start being more demanding and step our game up to get what we want. I’m representing the Kingdom; keep God first. Seek God, believe in yourself, the sky is the limit. Ask God to direct your path, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Shout out to all my children and family.

Photos Provided Courtesy of Lyrics Poetry Lounge, taken April 20th, 2012.

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