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– As seen in the April/June 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Pages 31-34 & 72.
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Dianna S. Liner, affectionately known as “Mama D”, is the Founder, President and CEO of Liner Entertainment Group, LLC (2001). Her company operates out of Houston, TX and Miami, FL and brings more than 20 years of experience from different avenues in the Entertainment industry including Talent Management, Movie Production, TV Reporting, Radio, Event Planning, Promotions and more.

Ms. Liner… Who is privileged to call you “Mama D” and why?  Well my nickname was actually given to me by a fan of the boy band I managed years ago called E’ccentric (which is the band our current artist (NAME REMOVED) was the former leader for.) I don’t have any kids but my company and my artists are like my family. I treat my artists like humans, not a product, so one of the fans said it one day after a show. She said “Ms. Liner you are so caring, it’s like you’re a MAMA D,” and well it stuck. Now everyone calls me MAMA D.

How did you first get started in Entertainment; what was your first taste of it? I will try and make it a short one LOL… Well I started in radio. Back in the day I worked at radio stations Mix 96.5 FM then later went to 104 KRBE. I worked for both radio stations for about 3 years and one day a record rep name MARK LANDIS, who at the time was working for RCA Records came to 104 with a CD of a new band name ‘N SYNC. Of course as you know back then the Backstreet Boys were HOT at the time. So ‘N Sync came in with their single “I Want You Back” We played the single and the phones lit up (I was one of the Producers that answered the phones as well as worked in promotions). Well being as aggressive as I was back then, and hungry to get into the biz, I approached Mr. Landis and asked him how to break into the business side of the industry. At that time ‘N Sync was touring malls and small concerts, so he invited me to go on the road with him and the boys as his assistant. So me (and a girl name Berlie) went on some tour dates with ‘N Sync.

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