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I learned a lot on that tour. We worked closely with Mark and his associates and I asked a million questions everything from what is a SET LIST to how do the bands get booked. I was full of questions, but I learned so much. When I came back, I started Liner Entertainment Group in my 2-bedroom apartment.  At that time boy bands were the only HOT thing and I needed a group so I decided to put a boy band together. About 4 other associates and I held an audition at a club (at the time) in Houston called “GOTHAM CITY”, owned by a friend of mine. At the end of the day, our group E’ccentric was formed. (Read More on page 67 of The INDIEgator) I then started to travel back and forth to Hollywood, New York, and Miami doing various conferences, red carpet events and started to network and that is how my network grew and still continues to this day.

You’ve done some Executive Production work in a few movies as well. Any we may have heard of and anything coming up that we should be on the lookout for? Well, we have a few films coming out this year and next. We just opened our film division last year and during that time is when we were just beginning to get and sign our projects. One film is called “THE LION INSIDE” starring Liam Neeson*, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Billy Boyd, Eamonn Walker, Liev Schreiber*, Peter Mullan, and more. And a Disney Animation film project with others we can’t speak of as of yet. I will keep you posted on the new projects.

I hear you also did a stint as a reporter for MTV? That had to be fun!   Yes! It was fun, back when MTV was really a MUSIC TV Station. I had the pleasure of being a music reporter for them. It was a job called the “STRINGER”. Basically I interviewed bands when they came to town to play at the Summit (which is where Lakewood is now) or wherever they were performing, as well as interview local bands.  I had a password for the MTV site and I would log on and place my interviews there. So when people went to the site and wanted to know who was playing in Houston or what hot bands were in Houston etc…  They went to my section. It was a blast; I got to interview quite a few really amazing bands and artists. That really prepared me for what was to come.

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