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How do you feel about the Independent Revolution in terms of music?  I love it!! There was once a time when an artist REALLY needed to have a MAJOR LABEL RECORDING CONTRACT. They paid for and took care of EVERYTHING the artist needed. But now in the days of online marketing, sales like ITUNES, social networking and other wonderful sources, an artist doesn’t really need a major label anymore. An artist can record, produce his CD, sell it online as well as in stores and get booked through indie agents etc, and be a successful artist. The only thing that a major may be good for is international distribution, perhaps major tours, but even then, if you know the right people you can still get it done. So I support the indie artists 100%!

Who are some of your clients now?  Right now we manage exclusively a male Pop Rock artist named (NAME REMOVED) who can be found online (WEBSITE REMOVED) and a Latin Female Artist/DJ from Miami named ZOEL (  We are getting ready to sign a 10 year old actress named TORRIANA FLETCHER and another singer, but we will release that information later.

Even though Talent Management is not the only thing you do, what type of talent are you all interested in and how should interested parties approach you to actually have a shot at getting noticed?   Well, we mainly do Music and Acting, but we are also seeking music Producers. We seek hungry talented Producers who want to get their feet wet, get the music heard and placed because we also work with music supervisors who are the people that place songs in movies, TV, games etc… If anyone is interested in management, for Singers you need a CD; we prefer originals because we don’t do development deals anymore with music, so the artist either needs to have an EP (which is 7 songs completed) or a full CD ready for distribution. As far as Actors, your standard resume and at least 2 head shots will do. For music projects we need three Mp3s. We are not looking for beats so they must be full songs ready to go.

If you could give just one word of advice to aspiring artists…   Promote, Promote, Promote and never give up! You will hear a lot of NOs before you hear a YES, but don’t let that discourage you. And Network, Network, Network!!! The industry will NOT come to you. You must go to the industry so keep your face out there. Make them want to inquire about you!! Be professional. I can’t stress that enough. Don’t forget this is a BUSINESS! So you must learn the business.  Don’t focus so much on trying to get on MTV Cribs etc… Artists like P. Diddy, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga etc… worked VERY hard to get where they are because they are BUSINESS PEOPLE FIRST, then Celebrities and Artists third. Work to have longevity and not be a one hit wonder.

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