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Where are you from? I originate from Natchitoches, LA, the oldest settlement in Louisiana, and I moved to Houston, TX in 1999 which is where I currently reside.

How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a Photographer? I was only 16 years old when I did my first photo shoot and will never forget it. My model’s name was Aqualyn Ratliff, the most sought after girl in my school. After reviewing my work and sharing it with others I knew I had a special eye behind the lens.

What made you take your desire seriously? I noticed that people of color were under represented in the media images I saw around town and I wanted to change that if I could. So I joined the yearbook staff of my high school as the head photographer. This gave me a sense of power, as people would gravitate towards me and do what I commanded just for a chance to be photographed by me.

How have things changed since your first project until now in terms of your shooting or production style? My first shoot involved a much more tedious process than the shoots I do today. The process for Aqualyn’s photos involved the physical development of the film which I had to wait a number of days to see, hoping that my work turned out well. Once the photos were in my hand, I was quite impressed with the end product. I taped one of the photos to my notebook which caught the attention of my comrades. They offered me money for copies of the photos and I knew at that point this could turn into something of substance. My current production style is much more advanced. Now, as soon as I complete a photo shoot, the images are downloaded, finished, and sent to the client via the internet.

Your photos have a ton of unique themes. Do you have a favorite? I don’t necessarily have a favorite theme, as photography is an Art and anything can be my canvas. I’ve done shoots ranging from High Fashion to Infants and Pets. I believe by selecting a specific genre of photography and sticking only to that limits my creativity, so I enjoy it all!

Who comes up with the concepts for each of the shoots? Each shoot is custom to the client.  It’s about a 50/50 chance that either the client will come prepared with their own theme in mind, or they turn to me and my team to assist them with creating a theme. Should they need assistance, I consult with my Creative Director and her team to come up with concepts that are unique to the client’s request.

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