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Review by Kitty Y Williams
Above are two books that I’ve had the pleasure to read recently. Demetrias D. Charles and Miah Gamati grew up on the rough side of the streets in big cities thousands of miles apart from each other. A common theme they share is suffering abuse and the absence of love early on, followed by getting caught up in “the life” as they attempted to fend for themselves in a cold world at young ages. Both Playin’ In The Streets and The Virgin Memoirs share deeply personal details in a chronicled approach, about the journeys of these two souls through all of their tribulations and learning experiences. As cliché as it may sound, I laughed a bit and admit I even got a little teary eyed at some parts as I found myself able to identify with and relate to some of the harsh life lesson’s they’ve learned. In reading these, I was also reminded never to judge anyone unfairly, especially without knowing what all they’ve been through. I recommend getting a copy of each book as they’re definitely worth the read. You won’t want to put them down. I’m talking juicy stuff here.

The Virgin Memoirs: Getting Past the Past by Miah Gamati
An up close account of the effects of abuse. It goes into the mind and the thought process of a victim who has experienced both, and helps the reader to understand what is thought, interpreted, and felt. This memoir (journal) gives a raw description of what is felt and thought in everyday moments from the interpreted feelings of love, sex, family, friendship, and all things in between. Some who have read these accounts describe it as a morbid reality of how abuse alters the human mind, body, and soul. I just call it my life. It’s sexually charged, it’s humbly motivating, it’s morbid, it’s sound, it’s happy, it’s sad, it’s angry, it’s refreshing… it’s the truth. Add Miah on  Facebook

Playin’ In The Streets: A Life – Love = Pain  by Demetrias D. Charles
Playin’ In The Streets
is an inspiring true story about a young boy and his brother who faced insurmountable obstacles in the “City of Angels”. Faced with the choice of daily beatings from the “Devil in Disguise” or the uncertainties of the streets – Demetrias chose the latter. Journey with the author and his brother as they are befriended by gang members and begin a life of hustling, survival, and trying to outrun the LAPD. Add Demetrias on Facebook

Check out Demetrias’ previous interview about his book on Kitty Williams LIVE. You can also find BOTH authors’ books on Amazon, Kindle, Nook and many other online retailers.

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