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by Reese Kirkland Jr. (R.I.P.)
What I want to discuss with you is a topic dear to my heart. It’s about parenting, young parents. As young people, we seem not to get along with our parental partners; what I see is a lot of ya’ll not allowing the children to spend time with the other parent.

I can understand all kinds of reasons for that, definitely being if the other parent is not a good person, their lifestyle, mannerisms or whatever it might be. But really I see a lot of it just being jealousy, whether that person might be doing a little better than the other or if they have someone new in their life. Unless it’s very serious why the child is not allowed to be around that other parent, please let your child, please let your child, get some time to know themselves.

As a person brought up in a single parent home, having a stepfather, I had everything until I got older, when I learned more about myself through meeting my other parent. Shout out toBaton Rouge and Houma, LA.

Once again, don’t let personal issues get in the way. Please allow your child to know themselves, whether for good or bad in some cases. Choose a place that is open, everybody can see what’s going on or be there with the child if that so be the issue.

Just consider that, ya’ll take care. Love ya’ll.

“The Real With Reese” was an occasional segment on The Kitty Williams Show co-hosted by Reese Kirkland Jr. of Missouri City, TX. Find more of his commentary about real life issues in additional episodes online. He is pictured with his daughter above.

Watch Reese’s segment on Young Parenting below.

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