The Ex Factor: How to Survive the Drama


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(c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / photography33 They lied, cheated, the two of you broke up and got back together. They lied, they cheated, the two of you broke up and got back together. They lied, cheated, you bought you some sense, packed up your clothes and kids, moved, and then the drama began. It is amazing how as long as you are fighting to save a wrong relationship, the party who is causing the issues has no issue until you decide you want better for yourself. From harassing phone calls, showing up at your job, threatening emails, and multiple calls to your mama, I think we all can benefit from a crash course in Dealing with Exes 101. Now if both of you have come to a mature agreement about chucking the deuces and have decided to remain friends, consider yourself blessed with no stress, but this isn’t for you. This is for those of us (myself included) who have found it hard to survive and pick up the pieces of our lives and really move on after leaving a relationship that was filled with manipulation, lies, and drama.

When we were teenagers breaking up was simple, it had no rules, it had no consequences in most instances and the drama, if any, was light and short-lived. Heck, you could probably have a new boyfriend or girlfriend the very next day, but the burden of moving on was not so heavy. Today, it’s evident that relation-ships blossom and die quite often, but are they ending? And if they areending, is the end healthy to where both parties can move on and have healthy relationships with other people without the interference of each other’s ex? At some point or another we all are going to have to star in this dreadful scene. Sometimes it’s hard to be an adult with irrational people, hence the reason he or she is now your ex, but below are some tips, hints, and precautions in handling the one who let you get away.

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