The Ex Factor: How to Survive the Drama


Guilty or Not Guilty, You Reserve the Right to Leave
It is amazing how two individuals enter into a relationship and immediately the relationship becomes some kind of silent contract that states “If anyone gets tired of the other you owe it to the other to stay.” Newsflash: unless you have made a vow before God, you reserve the right to leave any relationship that is counter-productive to a healthy life. If you feel that a relationship has run its course, please do not allow your partner to make you feel guilty about wanting out. This is a sign of a manipulator and it is a clear indication that your misery, in some sick twisted way makes them feel comfortable. If you want to leave, you reserve the right as a human being to do so.

Burn the Bridge: Refuse to Go Backwards
The majority of our exes have not taken our separations seriously, because no matter how many times we split, we leave the bridge in place. We go backwards on our words. We go backwards on our expectations. We go backwards in our demands. Burn the bridge so you can’t cross it anymore. A lot of things that we continue to do with our exes are not even done out of love, it’s habitual. You have become used to calling them every morning. You have become used to having sex with them. You have become used to their cooking. Well, if all of these things that you became used to were beneficial to the life of your relationship, guess what? You would still be together. It is time that your ex takes you serious. Stop answering their calls, tell your parents it’s not okay for them to communicate with that person block them from your Facebook and email list, let their friends be their friends even if they became friendly of you and move on. It’s time you get serious about this being over.

Don’t Lean On the One You Left
You have finally gotten the balls to leave her and in week two of your mourning your dog dies. DO NOT call your EX. This is the time where you are going to have to turn to your friends and family and not to the arms of the one you left. In times of sorrow, hurt, and pain we all desire for intimate healing to help us suppress the pain in our hearts. Not only does this re-open a closed door, the feelings that you are feeling are temporary and when you are over your emotions your senses will be back stronger than ever and guess who will be at your door at 6am? Your EX. Don’t fall into the trap of leaning on the one you left. You will regret it later.

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