Finding The Perfect Mate: Actions Speak Louder Than Words


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from Break Up, Don’t Break Down by D. Ivan Young
Ready for the love of your life? Here’s what you need to know. Finding someone to occupy your time is easy, but pinpointing that special someone who meets your requirements, that’s another story. Seemingly a daunting task, here are some things that will give you a decided advantage. By following this list, you will lessen your chance of getting Mr. or Ms. Wrong, while greatly improving the odds of finding Mr. or Ms. Right. Taken from Break Up, Don’t Break Down by D. Ivan Young adopted exclusively for The INDIEgator Magazine™.

What people say is one thing, what they do is another. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth will speak. Where a person’s heart is, is where they put their treasure. Pay attention to the little things that people do; it speaks volumes! Here are some samples of things to look for in a potential mate:

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  • Someone treats you very well but consistently talks about other people in derogatory, condescending ways. Hint: A dog that brings a bone carries one.
  • Another red flag is that the person can only engage you when inebriated or out in public. You’re probably dealing with someone who won’t make such good company under normal circumstances. Unless you live in a nightclub or restaurant, what happens when that person has to meet the real you?
  • There is a difference between game and charisma. Often shy people aren’t smooth but that doesn’t mean they’re not good for you.
  • The same is true for confident personalities. Sometimes people appear arrogant on the surface, when in fact they are just very self-assured. In other words, judge the heart and its intentions. It takes the time to get to know a potential mate, but a key indicator of how people will treat you is how they treat others. There is a fine line between confident and cocky.
  • Pay particular attention to how the person interacts with waiters, children, and the elderly. I have found that to be a very good barometer for hidden traits. If a potential mate is kind to children, old people, the handicapped, the less fortunate, or animals, that individual will be compassionate toward you.
  • Listen to a person’s comments while viewing television programs or movies. That reveals attitudes and predispositions. People are stable over time.

These short term measures produce many long term benefits. As you observe such behaviors in others, take a good look at yourself. Meeting the perfect person will do you little if any good if you haven’t worked on your flaws. All of the dating strategies known to man are useless when your character is faulty. While you’re still single, apply the six points above to you. Not only will you become more attractive to others, you will become a better you. Love, like water, always finds its level. As you become that which you seek, there will be little need to do so much searching. When you position yourself properly, that which you seek will be in search of you.

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