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Read AtLas’ 2010 interview from Kitty Williams LIVE with Updates at the end regarding what she’s doing now. You can also listen to both of her actual interviews at the end of this post.

Kitty: First things first, where are you from and where can people find you?

AtLas’: I’m from theBronx. I’m an MC, and a Community Activist of sorts as I do workshops with youth and work a lot with women in Hip Hop.

Kitty: How long have you been in the music industry and when did you decide that this is what you wanted to do seriously?

AtLas’: I’ve been writing and rapping since age 7 but have been performing since about 13. When I started doing shows and performing live I realized I could do this with relative ease.

Kitty: It does seem to come really easy to you. I’ve had the pleasure of watching you perform here a few times inHouston and seeing the way you captivate the entire crowd with your stage presence. How do you stay humble with such skill?

AtLas’: I’m a Leo (Zodiac) so that tendency to get cocky or arrogant is never too far off; however my circle keeps me humble. I try to keep my words sweet in case I have to eat them.

Kitty: Speaking of your circle, the Hip Hop Sisters movement, tell us about that.

AtLas’:  It is a dope movement founded by MC Lyte. Myself andMecca are Board Members for it currently. We put in a lot of work to provide a social network for women in Hip Hop (of all ages and different interests within Hip Hop) who need a place to get support and connect with people they can work with in different positions.

Kitty: You mentioned HHS was founded by MC Lyte. I remember when you were out here performing, so many people were blown away by your talent and many people compared your skills to the level of MC Lyte. How did ya’ll hook up?

AtLas’: Through Hip Hop Sisters which started out on Myspace and from there it grew to its own network where you can build your own profile on the site.Mecca was doing a lot of work and stepped up to help her out. It was so much work so we decided to build a board and now the work is more evenly distributed and a lot more productive.

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