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– As seen in the April/June 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Page 56-57.
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Avid Fixation

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by Austyn “MrBugz” Jeter
Avid Fixation brings a unique form of Rock/Metal, a blend of hard rock and melodic Metalcore with a taste of blues. The emphasis is in the energy born into the guitar riffs and melodies of the songs.

Daniel Goldman brings in the lead guitar side, throwing in swift precise leads and use of effects to keep the energy flowing. Jonathan Long on Bass uses effects to voice out the bass even more for distinct dynamics. Jay Gonzales throws in strong fills between upbeat rhythm sections on drums. Greg Afek on vocals brings off a clean and scream tradeoff, giving off strong energy and putting everything together. With all these elements you come up with Avid Fixation. An energetic, creative, committed branch of music.

Vocalist/Guitarist Greg Afek:

“I’ve started playing music at the age of 17, yet I feel like it’s been all my life. Listening and appreciating the phenomenon is the most important step and I’ve been so inspired by many artists growing up. I finally took the deed of playing guitar. Only wanting to play a few songs, it branched out to something I would’ve never thought it would be. By 19, I found my other instrument, vocals, and have continued to duo both of these from then on. By that time as well, I fell into a deep appreciation for early Blues, Jazz and Swing theories and concepts. I also sought out harmonica playing and brought in a Big Blues taste, exemplifying all of my guitar leads through Blues style.

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