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Hip Hop/Jip-Jop

by Austyn “Mr Bugz” Jeter
T-A-Z has been producing and writing music for 16 years and writing novels for 30 years. He has produced music for many different artists including Jerry Hairston, Ronald “Smooth Sounds Smoot”, Regina Morris, Miss V, G. Wright and N.T. Poet.

T-A-Z is also writing Shay Diamond which is a black female super hero comic book (due in stores this summer).  The music that is associated with him is called Jip-Jop. A term Smooth Sounds coined because of the Jazzy Plus Hip Hop Flavor entrenched in the music. The subject matter of the music from being the first black President of the USA (2 years before Obama) to reversed where the majority of the racks had a reversed element in them. Also T-A-Z is responsible for 100% of the lyrics and music for Miss V’s five albums, Jerry Hairston’s Regina Morris album and also will be responsible for N.T. Poet’s new album as well. Another one of this entertainer’s accomplishment is being the host of ATAZP Live which you can catch every Thursday @ 9pm EST.  The web radio show is strictly a music radio show with artists interviewed from across the country who T-A-Z finds to be on fire presenting their music to the internet audience.

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