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The INDIEgator: Who or What first got you interested or involved in music?

Lee: My father is a guitar player and singer. He plays mostly in the church. He has played and performed with everyone from the Sounds of Blackness to Gospel Choirs United. I grew up singing within the church. We did a lot of churches, from mega-churches to little storefront churches. Because of him, I grew up listening to all the great soul singers and crooners, including Curtis Mayfield, David Ruffin, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Eddie Kendricks, Jerry Butler and all of the old school guys. I was also very influenced by Michael Jackson, and of course, Prince, since I am from Minnesota too. All of these experiences influenced me, and I would say that I was blessed to have a magical experience when it came to music. I was a drummer playing behind a lot of the gospel choirs and I grew up with a good understanding of how to “feel” music, not just sing it.

The INDIEgator: What was your first performance like and how did the crowd receive you?

Lee: My first memorable performance was in a family concert at Mt.  Olivet Baptist  Church. I sang the song “If God Is Dead.” I was only 8 or 9 years old and remember bringing the whole congre-gation to their feet, and some people with tears in their eyes. The words of that song are very powerful:

“If God is dead, what makes the flowers bloom?
If God is dead, what makes Summer come in June?
If God is dead, who will listen, who will answer prayers?
I’m glad I know he lives. He lives, He lives, He lives…”

Even at that age, I had a strong spiritual conviction and that really affected the way I sang the song. When you sing and you really mean it, it touches people. That’s the power of child performers. They are filled with positive spirit, and when they bring that out with force and conviction, it’s very powerful.

I grew up with a good understanding of how to “feel” music, not just sing it.

The INDIEgator: What genre would you say most represents your style now?

Lee: I would say the music I released on Midnight Conversations is Urban Adult Contemporary. I also write a lot of dance music which is more ideal for the clubs. I feel that writing across genres is my best talent. I think I can do that because I listen and appreciate so much music. I even listen to some Country music, because I think the best songwriters are coming out of that genre.

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