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The INDIEgator: What Generation are you from and how does that affect your musical style?

Lee: I come from the Hip-Hop generation. The fact that I was influenced by traditional Gospel, Soul, Rock, British Rock and Electropop all makes me a better Songwriter. I don’t have many limitations. If you listen to my music, there are also strong classical elements. We use a lot of orchestral sounds, mainly strings, in my love songs. My song “My Soul (Declaration of Love)” is a song about lifelong love, and it’s really borne out of my love for Classical music. I am a supporter of the New York Philharmonic. Whenever I go to see a symphony, I can feel the inspiration the next day in my songwriting. This means that I have taken musical influences from as far back as the Classical and Jazz my great grandparents listened to, to the dance-inspired music my little niece and nephews are listening to.

The INDIEgator: What is your favorite song from any of your past or present projects and why?

Lee: My favorite song from my Serenade albums are “Redeemed,” a Gospel song that is a prayer for spiritual redemption, and “Long As I Live,” a song where a man is professing his undying love for the love of his life. My favorite song from my current project is “My Soul.” That, once again, is a song about lifelong love, where a man is telling a woman what she did to change his life and to win him over forever. She is his soul. I like these songs because I am not hearing these kinds of love songs anywhere else. I think there is a market for love songs, and I still believe in them and what they do to inspire people in their relationships.

The INDIEgator: Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics?

Lee: I get my inspiration for my lyrics from feeling. I don’t always write about myself. I write about people. I set people up in roles and then I write the story of their interactions. Most of my songs are a man talking to a woman.  We are generally not as expressive as we should be, so these songs provide the window into how we are really feeling when we have reached the emotional pinnacle with a woman.

The INDIEgator: Who are your musical influences, whether mainstream or underground?

Lee: My musical influences are very broad. My favorite songwriters are Diane Warren and Holland-Dozier-Holland. My most recent influences include David Guetta and Usher. I also believe I’m influenced heavily by my songwriting collaborator, George Nash Jr. I think he is a musical genius. He works primarily with Eric Benet and is responsible for co-writing and producing a lot of Eric’s hits. He has a very good ear for melody and string arrangements. He’s profoundly talented.

The INDIEgator: Lee, you’ve interviewed a lot of Musicians in your line of work as a media personality. Is there any major lesson you have learned from those Artists about the industry?

Lee: I interview the Top Celebrities in the music industry. I have learned through the brightest ones that being an astute Business person is a must for any Musician. We are creative people, and years ago, we could afford not to really think about our brand or our business and let others handle that. But more and more, I am seeing that the people who sit in my chair are generally the most entrepreneurial people in the music business. If you are not entrepreneurial as a Musician, chances are that you will not want to sit my chair, because I am going to ask you about the business side of the music game. If you are not prepared to discuss that, you will be lost.

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