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The INDIEgator: Who are some of the team members you’re working with to make your music and why did you choose them?

Lee: I work closely with George Nash Jr. I also work with some producers in Europe on Dance music. I also work with a guy named Gerald Williamson in Milwaukee who is a very good visionary. I bounce ideas off of him. I chose these guys because they are all very talented and professional as well. I do not work with people who are talented but not professional. Because of my schedule, I am not able to postpone dates or have my paperwork not right, and things like that. When you are only recording and writing music on weekends, you need to be on your game, and everything needs to be executed precisely, because time is so limited.

The INDIEgator: Would you ever be interested in collaborating with any of the Artists you’ve interviewed?

Lee: I am not interested in collaborating with people I interview. I am very careful about conflicts and I also would never want it perceived that the only reason I’m having so much success in music is because I am a Journalist. But I do have Artists who I admire and would like to work with some day.

The INDIEgator: What dream collabs do you have whether with mainstream or underground Artists?

Lee: I think Eric Roberson is one of the great talents out there. I also like a Producer from Europe named Fedde Le Grand. There is another European Singer I really like named Mitch Crown. He would be a cool guy to write with. Most of the people I am feeling are not selling a million records. Most of the people I interview are selling millions of records. My music is niche; even my dance music. I am more into appealing to groups of people who really appreciate Urban Adult Contemporary, Dance, or Love Songs. I do think my songs have crossover potential, at least some of them do, but I don’t set out to write music that’s likely to appeal to everyone.

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