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The INDIEgator: How do you feel the musical climate in Cleveland influences your musical style today?

Conya: I think we have a lot of talent. Unfortunately with Cleveland there are very few venues and outlets to perform and show your talent. So a lot of us that wanted to sharpen our craft were meeting up with other Artists and studying music that we really enjoyed and I think that’s the beauty of it. However, unfortunately sometimes so many of us leave Cleveland to reach a particular goal. Luckily for me, especially with the internet and all the social networking, I’ve been blessed to be able to stay home and be successful and make connections that have benefited me in so many ways.

Conya Doss The INDIEgator: With all of the musical genres to choose from, do you feel that Soul music best describes your work?

Conya: I would say no music is the core of every type of music, that’s how I feel about it. So basically I will describe what I do as Soul music but sometimes I may want to do a Pop song, or something considered R&B… But I think what I do is definitely Soul music because it’s coming from my heart, my own personal experiences and the way I see things in my life.

The INDIEgator: You’ve mentioned in many previous interviews how some of your influences include Stevie Wonder, Prince, Raphael Saadiq… Is there something special about each of these Artists that appeals to your artistic side?

Conya: I just think they’re so creative.  I’m always attracted to creativity and I think Raphael Saadiq has proven time and time again that he can do a variety of genres of music and touch people; his music is just amazing. I can go way back to the group he had, Willie Max, he’s an excellent Producer. And Lucy Pearl was an amazing project. With Prince, it’s just a feeling that I get. He’s a genius, oh my goodness. I LOVE Prince. I mean what more can I say? In between all of the screeching and screaming he does, Prince has an amazing voice. He can sing. I find that when you really listen to his music, each time you’re going to hear something different that you didn’t hear before.

The INDIEgator: Who are some of the Artists that you’ve collaborated with over the years?

Conya: I can mention one and that’s Dwele who I think is another amazing talent. I am just amazed at all of the instruments he can play and how he puts everything together with regards to his production. I’ll also mention Myron Davis (“Destiny” & “We Can Get Down”). I happened to have the honor of being able to work with him on every single album. He co-produced and co-wrote this particular project (Pocketful of Purpose) with me as well. So it’s an honor that I’m actually creating my music with somebody whose music I admire so much.

The INDIEgator: Any future collabos in the works?

Conya: My dream collabo would be with Raphael Saadiq; I’ll just put that

out there. Dwele and I had talked about one so I’m hoping we can bring that to fruition with regards to us collaborating. I wanted him to be on this project but his schedule didn’t permit. Also Raheem DeVaughn who I think is extremely talented. We talked about it and I’m like “we have got to make this happen.” I’ll reach out to people who’ll say “don’t forget we’ve got to collab…” like DJ Jazzy Jeff. He’s been saying we’re going to collab for years and I just reached out to him via Twitter. Thank goodness for social networking. He’s still like “we’ve got to do something together.” These are people I grew up listening to and it would be an honor to put it down on wax.

The INDIEgator: Mainstream Musicians and Music Executives alike have been singing your praises for years. How does it feel?

Conya: It makes me feel wonderful but at the same time I’m like “Help me out here… Can you play my record?” I have got a lot of people who are Program Directors at terrestrial radio stations who tell me they love my music all day and have it in their iPods and I’m like “Ok… but can you play it?” I really appreciate the kudos I get, I’m definitely humbled by that, but I wish the system itself wouldn’t be so narrow. They tell me “Well we have to play these 6 songs because it’s going to Corporate…” or whatever the finances are or they have a big machine. I hope that goes away and I hope that I can continue along with other Independent Artists to push through these barriers and stay true to our craft and not be pigeon-holed out of outlets when we deserve it.

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