Conya’s Pocketful of Purpose


My longevity in the Music Industry comes from me staying true to myself…

The INDIEgator: You did a McDonalds commercial with Dwele in the past. Is Acting something you’ve done before or would like to get into?

Conya: Oh my gosh, Absolutely not. You’ll notice in that McDonalds scene I am not acting, I’m just performing. Maybe one day I’ll be able to pull it off but no time soon.  I just can’t do it; not me.

The INDIEgator: What is the most rewarding feeling or what has been the most rewarding experience for youthroughout the duration of you musical career?

Conya: Just growth and being able to receive emails from people that say they love my music or how much they appreciate my music or to be able to have someone reach out to me and say “Hey, you saved my marriage.” That’s pretty deep.

Just receiving kudos like that keeps me going and I think that’s the driving force for me.

The INDIEgator: What do you see yourself doing with your career in about 5-10 years from now?

Conya: When I’m on the cane 20-30 years from now, I still want to perform and create. But I know everybody has their moment in the spotlight so to speak so I would definitely love to work with grooming and developing other Artists and sharing some knowledge. Somebody inquired about me going back to my high school (Cleveland School of the Arts) and teaching there and that may be an option. That way I can really help these kids go into their career fields. I think that would be really exciting. My Principal would probably kill me if I did that but I think a change might be good.

I just couldn’t see myself not involved in the Arts.

The INDIEgator: What about within the next few months, any cool plans?

Conya: Oh yes. We’re finishing up the treatment for 2 music videos, I’m excited about that. I have the Michael Baisden Anniversary Show in New York at Apollo Theater (Saturday, July 14th @ 8pm) and I’m excited to be back there. In addition to that I have the Family Unity in The Park coming up at Luke Easter Park in Cleveland (Saturday, July 28th  @ 12pm). Then there will be an event with toys for homeless children so that’s right up my alley. I’ll also be continuing to work with my teen youth group. I’m really excited about that as well.

Conya DossThe INDIEgator: Your new album, Pocketful of Purpose… What inspired the title?

Conya: The whole title came from me having a conversation with an elderly Aunt who I loved dearly. She’s no longer here but I loved sitting and talking with her; a living Historian so to speak. Whenever I would leave her, she would always look around and try to give me change and I would tell her I didn’t need it. She would tell me it was just a pocket full of change and not to worry about it. I don’t think she realized that the conversation was so meaningful and served a purpose for me. It just inspired me in such a way and I’m hoping that my music will inspire people and serve a purpose for somebody else.

The INDIEgator: What are your 3 favorite songs from the newest album and why?

Conya: “What About You And Me” just has an old nice 70s vibe. The old timers’ duet style gives me such good feelings. “Just Me” is a representation of me being myself saying “accept me as I am, take it or leave it. I am who I am with no apologies”.  That’s a clear depiction of how I am with all of my trials and tribulations throughout my career. I just hope that someone else would take heed to that in reference to themselves as well.  “Letters” is an ode to my son, all the things that I probably wouldn’t be able to tell him now and might forget by the time he gets older. I kind of put some To Do’s and Not To Do’s in this song. Those songs are dear to me.

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