Second Chance for Prosperity


– As seen in the July/Sep 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Pages 41-46.

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by Kitty Y. Williams

In 2011, I ran into Prosperity SeVen at a local Houston TV station as she was auditioning for a new POM TV production, America’s Next Big TV Star. A Journalist friend of mine had mentioned her to me before. P7 and I began talking about all the things she was doing professionally and the conversation was so good, I invited her to share it with me on The Kitty Williams Show. We mainly talked about her challenges with being a victim of Domestic Abuse and how she finally found a positive outlet and ultimately broke free of those chains. So many doors have been opening for Prosperity SeVen and her future looks far brighter than before. It is as if she caught a new wave of blessings, a second chance at a life full of prosperity. Below is that August (2011) interview from the show and afterwards are UPDATES of everything she’s been getting into over the subsequent year.

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Kitty Y. Williams
Since moving to Houston, CEO Kitty Y. Williams (MissKittyTV Networks, LLC) has brought positive media exposure to Entertainers, Business Owners, Authors, Filmmakers, Community Leaders and other unique individuals Worldwide. Beginning with MissKittyTV in 2006, she filmed exclusive interviews, showcases, web cam episodes and events around the city, sharing with the world via YouTube. In 2007 she started her Kitty Williams LIVE radio broadcast on BlogTalkRadio, interviewing guests and showcasing music from several independent entertainers. (Read More on LinkedIn)

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