Second Chance for Prosperity


Kitty: You wrote and performed a piece for us in the studio called “Im Glad”. It was very tear jerking, personal and healing. Tell us about that piece and what it meant to you.

P7: I was in a situation that had sexual abuse and domestic violence and I didn’t have a way to express it because I lost a lot of friends and family… everything because I was so ashamed. So I had to find an outlet to get it out because I was really spiraling in the wrong direction and wanting to take matters into my own hands. I realized I could write and it was just so beautiful how it came out; it was perfect. That started the healing process for me and that’s how I knew I could write. I hope “I’m Glad” heals someone and sets some people free.

Kitty: Guys if you missed the performance, I want you to come view it in full at @ Tell us, why do you call yourself Prosperity SeVen, that’s a very interesting name?

P7: Yes. I call myself Prosperity SeVen because that journey for me was a spiritual journey. I found out that “prosperous” actually means wholeness. My favorite number is seven and I also found out that the number of completion is seven. So, I’m walking in complete wholeness. That’s the short version.

Kitty: Well Amen to that ya’ll! She is walking in complete wholeness. So you started off in life with different stages of abuse. You mentioned a boyfriend you had was also doing bad things to a couple of other people at the time. This is where the abuse and drama came from?

“I was completely alone so I found a Spiritual relationship with God to help me get through it…”

P7: That’s where it initially began in my teenage years. It progressively got worse and I couldn’t understand it. Maybe it was just a cycle because I grew up watching it in other relationships and saying “that would never happen to me”. Never say what won’t happen to you.

Kitty: It’s amazing what we attract into our lives from our childhoods. But I’m so glad you overcame that as it had you living double lives and all kinds of stuff. You just never know what somebody’s going through sometimes. Even if you ask them they may not tell you if they’re not comfortable revealing that.

P7: And that’s something that a lot of people don’t usually have the strength to go through by themselves. I was completely alone so I found a spiritual relationship with God to help me get through it and I’m thankful for ALL of that. That’s why the piece is called “I’m Glad”.

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