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Kitty: Ok, well let’s talk about some of the things you’ve been doing since you have been free now. You’re on America’s Next Big TV Star, you’ve got movie offers coming left and right, you’re on The Kitty Williams Show… Everything is just coming at you like BAM!!!

P7: Earlier this year I had gotten injured on my job and was kind of bound to the house. A friend of mine (Craig) called and asked me to come to a rehearsal and I ended up being in that play which led to another play. On the final day of that second play, shout out to Loretta Norris, I had to audition for America’s Next Big TV Star (POM TV). It was a catch 22 for me because I didn’t know where I was going to go. We got the audition on the same day and now doors have been opening. I’ve been doing many radio and television interviews, auditions left and right… It’s like wow, what is going on? And I love it!

Kitty: It’s crazy because major doors seem to be suddenly opening for a number of people in a circle in Houston here and it’s like wait a minute, are we about to blow up? There are a number of people around me and it’s all happening at the same time; it’s just so surreal.

Cast of 'America's Next Big TV Star'

P7: POM TV is opening so many doors for so many people. I heard an interview this morning and it let’s me know that what we are doing right now is pioneering and opening the doors for a diverse network of all kinds of people and stories. I thank them so much because there’s a lot of us that have different types of stories, testimonies and talents that mainstream America would not accept. But we still need to get out there and reach that audience.

Kitty: And that’s exactly what we’re going to do out here in Houston. You don’t have to go all the way to Los Angeles, New York or Miami. Love to all those other places but we can bring it right here in H-Town. That’s where I’m going to stay. Now we mentioned your poem “I’m Glad”, but that is just part of a collection of all the poems you have. You actually have a book out?

P7: Yes, it’s called The Spirit of a Soldier. It is copywritten and I was just waiting for the right time to release it. It’s so powerful it scared me. I’ve actually been sitting on it for 8 years.

Kitty: Are you looking for Literary Agents or anything?

P7: I am and I’m very picky about it because I don’t want to be limited to a box. I’m not a person you can put into a box. I can do everything. If I can absorb it I can produce it. So I’m very careful.

Kitty: I want to give a shout out to Journalist Jonah Baker for telling me about you P7. Do you have any shout outs you want to give?

P7: Shout out to the entire cast of America’s Next Big TV Star, Kodi Buckley we love you. Dejoy, Octavia, Nubia, Kurvie Kapone, MaLissa Alexander, the Real Go Gettaz, There are just so many people… Curtis Von taught me how to bring out my skills. I went to only one Acting workshop before all of this happened.

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