Second Chance for Prosperity


Kitty: Everything is happening so fast for you and I’m definitely looking forward to more from you. I again encourage anyone who has not seen P7’s performance for my show yet to visit It’s very powerful so get your tissue ready as you may cry a little.

P7: Yes, it’s very powerful and it brings me back to that place every time I read it. I was actually able to perform it at one of Sheryll Robert’s “Life of Hope” events; it’s a foundation where they do different types of Spoken Word and other events. That was the first time I performed “I’m Glad” and I just released so much. I want to give you that type of performance.

Kitty: Well we’ll definitely look forward to an official version of that performance from you.

Acting was a hidden passion for Prosperity SeVen. 2011 opened many doors allowing her to gain valuable hands-on experience ranging from stage plays, local television productions and featured Extra roles. With so many opportunities to perform, Prosperity has developed a respect for her Art and appreciates those that observe and utilize her contributions.

 Here’s a look at more of what this lovely lady has been involved in:

  • Featured video by recording artist Black South “The Game is Calling” (ATL/HOU)
  • Featured Video 9ine “Turning Lane” (New Orleans)
  • Featured Video Houston artists: Noonie Jr, Craig Stack Watch, ILL Will
  • “Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang”; “Pop Trunk Bang”; “Ima Get Mine”
  • Featured on Cherry Rich Radio with Gotcha TV
  • (Pranked the host and personal interview May 2012)
  • May-Aug 2011 “Cries of the Wounded” (Stage Play)
  • May-June 2011 “Aint Nothin’ in Hell I Want” (Stage Play)
  • July 2011 “Where’s My Man” (Film)
  • July 2011 “Dolly Unauthorized” (Comedy)
  • July-Oct 2011 “America’s Next Big TV Star” (Local TV)
  • Aug 2011 “The Kitty Williams Show” (on POM TV)
  • Nov 2011 “I Hate My Husband” (Movie)
  • Nov 2011 “Squatters” Movie
    (Featured Extra and opportunity to work as Assistant to the Director)
  • Nov 2011 “The Making of a Serial Killer” (Movie)
    (Opportunity to work as Assistant to the Director)
  • Dec 2011 Host/Interview Artist @ XXL Magazine Future of Music release party


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