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The INDIEgator: Where are you from and what brought you to Houston, TX?

Monica: I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I am still a northern girl to the heart. I moved to Houston in 2008 for a couple of reasons. One, I was tired of  the bitter cold winters and snow, and secondly, it was a great move for me professionally as an Occupational Therapist, which helps to fund my passion as a Poet for now. I used to come down here frequently to visit some friends, and then just decided to make the move.

The INDIEgator: Were you doing Spoken Word before you got here and what is the difference in the Poetry opportunities between Houston and Milwaukee?

Monica: Yes, I was doing Spoken Word in Milwaukee. I participated in Slams, performed at different church events, and read my work at open mic sets around town.  Both cities have a very live poetry community with passionate Writers, and overall recognition of Spoken Word as a legitimate art form. Since Houston is much larger than Milwaukee, naturally there are tons more poetry sets, events, workshops, resources, etc to get involved in. There is definitely amazing talent in both cities though, and I have been blessed to learn from great Writers in Milwaukee as well as here in Houston.

“I decided to use my gift for the uplifting of Jesus”

The INDIEgator: We first witnessed your poetic ministry at Lyrics Poetry Lounge in north Houston a few months ago, where you and several other Poets shared your works amongst what felt like family; A unique oneness. What made you want to get involved with that movement and how long have you been sharing there?

Monica: That was actually my very first time there. The Marketing Manager for Lyrics came across my information on Facebook, and invited me to come check out the set and perform. I loved the vibe there and support the “clean set” atmosphere, so I will definitely be going back.

The INDIEgator: What was the #1 factor that got you interested in writing and poetry in the first?

Monica: Oh wow, let’s see. Well, my mother still has my very first poem that I apparently wrote in second grade. My older brother and his friends used to always rap. I thought it was cool, started writing lyrics of my own and everybody thought that they were really good. When that got old, I found myself interested in writing short stories. I am a reader… always have loved to read. So after I would read my suspense or thriller books, I wanted to write my own and read them to my parents. Throughout middle and high school I would write poetry here and there, but I most loved writing letters to my family and friends. Also in high school I took an American Literature course which totally opened my world to how awesome poetry is. I’ve been in love with it ever since and in 2006 I decided to use my gift for the uplifting of Jesus Christ. I am a “church girl,” so it just naturally fit my purpose.

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