Milwaukee Christian Poet Monica Matthews


The INDIEgator: Have you ever had any unique challenges in your career?

Monica: Yes I have. I actually have a speech impediment as a stutter. Many people don’t believe me because I have gone through speech therapy for many years and learned ways to work through it, but it is still a part of me.  The amazing thing is, when I am performing it very rarely shows. Every now and then I may trip up on a word, but it’s nothing really obvious to the general audience. Even in normal every day conversation, unless you already know that I have this issue, you wouldn’t automatically guess just by listening to me; that’s what concentration and hard work in speech therapy has gotten me. My close family and friends know my struggles with it though.

The INDIEgator: Have you ever ministered about this challenge and triumph on the mic?

Monica: I have just recently written a piece about it that was actually inspired from a writing prompt given to us at a meeting with my Writer’s group, Write Club Houston. I got a lot of emotion out in that piece, but I have not written about it since then.

The INDIEgator: Do you find that your work heals others and what type of feedback do you receive from your audiences these days?

Monica: I am sure that I may never truly know the full effect my work has on others, but I definitely get tons of positive feedback from people. Some say that they’ve felt chills while listening to my poems, some have tears in their eyes, some have called my poems and performances “deep,” while others are literally speechless and all they say is “Wow” or hug me.  Also when I am performing live, I often get lots of feedback from the audience with claps or snaps. It is all very encouraging and pushes me to do more. It also helps me to realize that I am not just writing for myself, but I am a voice for many others as well.

The INDIEgator: Speaking of your audiences, they are very diverse. At what type of places do you perform and what are some of your favorite venues to this date?

Monica: I have performed in many different types of environments. At churches for building fund rallies, funerals, Valentine’s Day gatherings, anniversaries, Easter Sunday services, in the community for coffee club grand openings, community youth center benefits, Mother’s Day brunches at restaurants, private social gatherings for birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties, Self esteem and empowerment  workshops/conferences, and of course different open mic venues in Milwaukee, Houston, Chicago, and Nashville. In 2011 I was the featured Poet for eight consecutive months during an event called Word ‘N Jazz which took place in downtown Houston at The Coffee Groundz coffee shop, which was open to the public. I also just finished taping for the Sunday Morning Live Show in Nashville, TN, which will be aired on a local Comcast station in Nashville and surrounding areas.  I honestly don’t have a particular favorite. Every opportunity lends its own unique experience for me, and they have all been equally awesome!

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