Milwaukee Christian Poet Monica Matthews


“I absolutely love writing and being able to express my creativity…”

The INDIEgator: In the years you’ve been ministering through poetry, what would you say have been your proudest moments?

Monica: Every time someone tells me that my words have encouraged, inspired, or touched them in any way. To me, that’s what it’s all about. The day that my voice becomes ineffective in helping someone else in a positive way, I might as well put down the mic. Aside from that, my next proudest moment was when I completed my debut project titled In Me. It was like a dream come true to actually have gone through the process of recording my work and having a tangible product that will remain here long after I am gone. I am still amazed at how God worked that all out.

The INDIEgator: What are some of the goals you have for the direction of your company over the next few years or decades?  

Monica: My company Christian Poetics is an organization consisting of two components: Performance and Mentorship. We are working to become established as a dynamic performance group, consisting of Christian artists across different genres such as Poets, Rappers, Singers, and Musicians.  Our mentorship includes hosting creative writing workshops and events for inner city youth ages 12-17, providing them with a positive outlet for expressing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions instead of turning to violence or promiscuity. We also help young Writers to hone their craft by providing different resources and techniques for writing. I am very excited about really getting the group up and going within the next year, performing at different venues as well as providing our first mentoring workshop fall of 2012. Eventually we look forward to hosting International Literacy workshops as well. There are other major plans for the future, but I don’t want to spoil the surprises just yet.

The INDIEgator: You have your debut CD, In Me, releasing this fall. Tell us briefly about that and where we can get it.

Monica: Yes! It will officially be released Friday August 3, 2012. The release party information can be found on my website. There are 10 tracks total which basically illustrate different experiences that I have gone through, like the thoughts and feelings I have experienced as a young lady living for God in this crazy world. Each poem is really taking a piece of my journey, and placing it into a message that will hopefully help someone else along the way who might be dealing with their own issues of confidence, love, self-esteem, temptation, and everything else that comes along with being human. My overall purpose is to show that no matter what, God’s love is unlike anything you can ever imagine and that living a life where He is #1 is absolutely amazing! I love me some Him!  The CD, In Me, is available for reserve on my web site as well @

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