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– As seen in the July/Sep 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Pages 57-62.

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A Man With ‘Two Face’ Has to Be Very Interesting!

by Mfon Abel Ekene
What would you do in the middle of your sleep if you spotted a man with two faces slip into your room? Scream? Faint? Cry or Be Afraid? However you may react, it is not an experience that any human wishes for… maybe we may secretly wish it for our enemy but certainly not the ones we love…

2face Idibia Literally, a man with two faces may be considered a monster but musically in Africa, a man in the company of ‘two face’ has to be proud and feel on top of the world! That is because there can be only one man that fits that description. That can only be arguably Africa’s most famous Music Artiste alive, 2face Idibia (Tuface Idibia).

The name 2face is such a big brand in Africa that from the streets of Lagos to the city of Johannesburg and up to the beautiful city of Nairobi it is respected, revered and idolized.

2face the Entertainer is a man known for more reasons than performing on stage. Concerning awards, he has so many that he would barely find a place to keep some. 2face is a winner of the BET awards, MTV awards, Chanel O awards, Hip Hop World awards, Sound City awards, A.M.E.N awards and many more. He has done international collaborations with R. Kelly, Wyclef and Beenie Man. In what appears to be a bold step to play big in the international scene, it is widely reported that 2face recently signed with Akon’s Konvict Muzik. But most importantly, 2face is more famous for his hit song “African Queen”. He may have made many good hits in his career but none are close to “African Queen”. It is the song that set him on fire; that is a fact that 2face himself acknowledges. “I can say it was a song that really made me as an Artiste” he said in 2011. In the song, 2face praises and lists the qualities of the African woman. It was after this song that the name “African Queen” became a famous name that men intimately use to please their women, especially when wooing. But who is 2face’s African Queen?

In trying to answer that question is where the real controversy in his life reveals itself. With his fame and money, it is understandable that ladies would be all around him.  The interesting thing is that 2face seems to have been enjoying the attention and even encouraging them. Would anyone blame him? After all he is a man of flesh and blood. Like they say in African pidgin, “Body no bi firewood” that can be translated “the human body is not wood.” It is not wood because it has feelings and responds to emotions.

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