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– As seen in the July/Sep 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Page 56.

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by Austyn “MrBugz” Jeter
Fantasy Art Comics is an independent comic book company created by Raymond Sanders, est. on June 24, 2008 when they released their very first title “Fierce #1”. Fierce is a character created by Raymond back when he was in high school, the story is about a young kid being trained to replace a legendary superhero that’s grown too old to protect his city. “Fierce #1” was drawn, inked, colored, and lettered by Raymond Sanders, and many people believed that this was just going to be a one man show, but many of other creators have made the Fantasy Art Comics universe grow into one the largest in the game right now.

Joined by his brother Anthony Sanders and cousin Ivory Dixon, new titles “International Police Force”, “Avengence”, and “BloodShark” would soon follow the release of a number of Fierce issues. Along the way more and more creators began to join Fantasy Art Comics. Writers Gabriel Smith, Tehquin Lee, and Rubyn Warren II are working on a number of new projects that will be seeing releases starting at the end of 2012. Artists Jeremy “The Beast” Funderburk and Vit Y recently came aboard and quickly began working on the comics and an animation project.

“Currently we’re getting ready to release the brand new title “Vicious Cycles” created by Anthony Sanders and his wife Keshia. “Avengence #2”, “I.P.F #3”, and in Dec. “Swag Patrol #1”. With so many projects in development it will take the effort of all the Fantasy Art Comics family to continue this journey into being able to stand with all of the big comic companies like Marvel, DC, Image, and so on. With this group of talented creators and many other friends in the independent comics industry I’m sure we’ll be up to the task.”

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