The MrBugz Review: J-Bugg aka Logic


– As seen in the July/Sep 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Page 55.

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Atlanta, GA

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by Austyn “MrBugz” Jeter
From the beginning of time, humans have expressed themselves through music. The power of a song can pull on emotions in every way possible from provoking laughter to compelling a person to tears. Persuasive lyrics can tell a story so strong that a listener might feel they have actually witnessed the Songwriter’s heartfelt experience, or thoughts of a similar situation may be brought to mind.

Logic is that Songwriter. He provides an insightful look at the call of the streets and the struggles of everyday life. The desperation of criminals generally reflects in their crimes. Knowing both extremely underprivileged as well as extremely successful people has opened the mind of Logic to think on a global level, not just on how he grew up.

It’s not always greed that possesses a person to turn to crime; sometimes it’s mere survival. Is there a way around it or possibly through it? Who’s looking at me if I decide to do wrong? There has to be a better way; what is it? Logic’s compelling experience of successes and failures reach people and provide realistic solutions to life.

Logic, who is a hopeless romantic, also knows the power of love and how it can effect one’s day or week. He is a Christian who is concerned with all aspects of life and blends it all together… the laughter, the struggle, the love of romance and the love of God. LOGIC is an acronym standing for “Live Optimistic, God’s In Control”. That is the mission; the plan of attack varies from quick-tongued clever quips to laid back blunt bars. is a blog of some of his poems & songs found on the front page under “A BuGgs Life“.

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