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– As seen in the Oct/Dec 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Page 36-38.

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by Enoch Williams
Hip Hop Music is a young man’s sport. The older Artists become, the more susceptible they are to becoming irrelevant to youth of the culture, which are the targeted demographic. Because of this, I am always on the look out for the next young star who has potential to sit on the throne. The other day, I thought about which underground Hip Hop Artists are buzzing now. I thought about Houston’s own, Kirko Bangz and his monster hit “Drink In My Cup,” that is currently sending shock waves throughout the country. I was hooked once I heard his melodic overcast mixed with his southern drawl. However, I was interested in hearing a younger voice than the twenty-two year old flowologist’s; someone who is the product and embodiment of over thirty years of Hip Hop.

I searched through a few trusted websites and found a mixtape that was quite impressive though it was from a teenager. The mixtape is called Believe It Or Not and it is by a sixteen year old named Unique. He is a young Hip Hop Artist who does not only rap and sing but also dances. He recently released his début project and has since been seizing every opportunity that he has gotten to grace the stage. His ambition led me to realize that he may actually be “the real deal.” This young man has been writing for over two years as a Hip Hop Artist and has been singing since the age of two.

When his voice hits the speakers, you automatically feel like he’s been in the game forever… You know that you are listening to a young man who has perfected his craft. His presence has gained much attention from label execs throughout the industry. Unique’s début project Believe It Or Not is hosted by the College Club King, DJ Zeke (www.DJZEKE.com), one of the driving forces behind the young Emcee. Leading up to its release, Unique has been on a steady hustle to promote the work.

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