Brian Culbertson’s Jazzy Dreams


Brian on the PianoBrian Culbertson has been making music since he was 8 years old on the Piano and while it seems to be a main instrument in his videos or songs, he actually plays other instruments in them including the Drums, Trombone and Bass which he learned by the age of 12. He is such a natural talent that by 7th grade he was holding recitals where he played all original compositions. Having the support of his father Jim, an award-winning Jazz Band Director and Trumpeter, it is no wonder that Brian’s talents were nurtured so well, making him the wonderful Artist he is today.

There is so much more I can share about what I learned on Mr. Culbertson; it only took me one weekend to become a lifelong fan. I think it best for you to see for yourself. If you love Jazz, R&B, Soul, Poetry, Classical, practically any genre, come check out his music and relive your own memories or create your own fantasies with it. Again, Dreams is his 13th album to date and you can visit to find out all of the places to check it out including via Amazon and Soundcloud as well as read more about his history in his full-length biography. You watch several of his behind the scenes video blogs sharing with you some inside views of him and other celebrities in the studio making beautiful noise together.

His work is definitely a Fresh sound and I look forward to seeing him in action in more music videos and on tour. In fact, he just wrapped up the Dave Koz and Friends Cruise around Europe on October 3rd and will be playing the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival and 26th Annual Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival on the 12th and 14th of October 2012 respectively. We would also like to congratulate Brian and his wife Michelle on their 15th Wedding Anniversary which they just celebrated on October 4th 2012!

Visit to see when his next cruise is and when he’s coming to your town. Show your support by buying his latest album Dreams and check out the other 12 as well while you’re at it. You will love every minute of it. Read his full bio and find the other links where you can connect with Brian on his social networking sites.

He has produced or performed on over twenty-five No. #1 records, is constantly in the top of Jazz Billboard charts and is never short of love from other Musicians and Executives. In addition, he comes across as a very fun, genuine guy who loves and has perfected his crafts. If you ever find yourself needing an R&B/Soul/Jazz/Pop Pianist, Keyboardist, Trombonist, Writer, Arranger, Producer or Engineer, Brian Culbertson is your man!

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