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Kitty: T.C., what do you love the most about your career today?

TC: My family’s involvement. My wife does our books, our daughters help with web presentations, press and imaging.

Kitty: Please tell us more about your daughters’ involvement in the Entertainment industry…

TC: My daughter Michele has been working in the Business since 1989 with Teddy Riley and Guy.  My other daughter Rochele has her own business, Star Child Images, and has helped me with the image and look of some of our Artists.  Plus they have a podcast and radio show called The Gossiping Heifers.

As we’ve stated earlier, T.C. Thompkins is certainly no amateur in this Music industry. In his career, he has worked in key and Executive positions on major record labels including Stax Records, Capitol Records, ABC Records, CBS Records and GR Productions. Since the conception of his own company, Thompkins Marketing has played a key role in the development of such Artists including (but not limited to): Rob G, Young Quon, OTR Clique, Till, Bridgjett Taylor, Sjon Christopher,  Betty Wright, Lady E, Nigel Lewis,  Berry Sea, K-Boo John Mandeville, Carman Liana,  Ghetto Boys,  Angie Stone, Domino, Nappy Roots, Brandy, Arrested Development, ALC, Mark Taylor, Poor Righteous Teacher, Howard Hewett,  R. Riley,  Jaheim, Big Mike, Alicia Keys, Public Enemy, Heather Headly, Tryese, Dr Ed Montgomery, Paris Houston, Craig David  Khalil,  Eric Benet, Marva King, Arika Kane, LJ Reynolds, Kmelz, Trick Daddy, J Dash, Gucci Man, Flo Rida and more.

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