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We were going to write our own review on Kal’L, but after reading this one (below) submitted by MT Press and listening to Kal’L’s music for hours on end… They hit the nail on the head with this and it only took one weekend for us to become fans for life. This man is going far, his voice is amazing!
~ Kitty Y. Williams, Editor-in-Chief

– As seen in the Oct/Dec 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Pages 39-40.

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R&B Singer/Songwriter

Review Courtesy of MT Press

R&B Singer and Songwriter Kal’L brings his expressive storytelling ability and unforgettable melodies to the streets with his debut EP, Love & Loss on October 23rd, 2012. His music is a modern meeting of the classic Motown R&B of the Jackson 5 and the harmony infused, vocal-heavy Pop and R&B music of 90’s Artists like Jamie Foxx and *NSYNC. Self-produced and written entirely on his own, Love & Loss showcases Kal’L’s undeniable talent at building a musical experience that takes listeners through a myriad of emotions, with his signature emphasis on being emotionally expressive and telling a story that everyone can relate to above all else.

Kal’L brings his own personality to his tracks, always suave, smooth and something of a Debonair. He allows his vocals to shine right along with his attitude, whether the lyrics are a quest for love or a heartbreak anthem. Despite his old-school influences his music is peppered with modernity, bringing with it comparisons to Ne-Yo and Usher, he finds himself in great company while he sets himself apart with his intense focus on building a story.

The album gets off to an intense and emotional start with the unwavering ballad “Count On Me”. Kal’L’s soft and fluid falsetto soars above the lullaby-esque piano while he exposes raw emotion; the crashing beat of the drums and the scattered yet gentle sound of the synth heighten this story about a man’s love for his child, creating a mellifluous melody atop his eloquently colorful lyrics.

Cheating” is a slow jam about confronting a cheating lover, its harmonic melody is layered over a stripped down beat. The bare instrumentation allows Kal’L’s smooth, soulful vocals and lyrics to be the focal point, exposing the best of his talents in one solid 90’s-esque sound.

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