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– As seen in the Oct/Dec 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Pages 23-24.

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a.k.a DreamOfAsiaGirl
Music Mixer and Promoter

Lora started out in the world of music as a young teen and took piano lessons for five years. She then continued on her own and taught herself for five additional years. She played for church, choirs, and even a country singer in a competition. As Lora got older, there was no way to drag the big piano around, so she lost all of her skills as a Pianist. She had given up on music for herself, however, continued to listen to music from around the world. When introduced to the internet in 1997, Lora began promoting many Unsigned Artists by running a website that gave away their CDs and she compiled the e-mail lists of the new fans for them to add to their own promotions lists.

In 2008, Lora moved to Houston, Texas where she was introduced to Myspace and started promoting through that channel. Always evolving with new social trends, the promoter later got onto Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and promoted Artists there as well. With these Networks, Lora made Musician friends from all over the world and became the lead U.S.A promoter for three bands in Japan (i.e. anDray, SAWAS PHOOL and SPiRiTRiAL).

She wanted so bad to do music herself, but with lost skills on an instrument it seemed impossible. Lora became known as ‘Lora San’ and Musical Guardian Angel to her music friends. In 2011, she stumbled upon some software at an electronics store that allowed her to mix premade tunes into full tracks. One could place the sounds up on a screen and move them around until perfected & beautiful pieces of music were created. Because Lora grew up on funk music, she also added a little old school scratching to some pieces; she did some dance tracks as well. With the positive feedback from other Musicians once she started uploading videos with her music, Lora decided to copyright the works and put out some CDs.

DreamOfAsiaGirl considers herself an Accidental Music Mixer whose mixes have been featured in two artistic videos for Japanese Painter Takamasa Fukuhara’s Mt. Fuji paintings as well. On Reverbnation DreamOfAsiaGirl has remained at #1 in Houston and #6 in the nation on Ambient charts.

Stop over at her social networking hangouts as she’s always looking for new music to promote. You can visit the links above as well as check her out on:

Search “DreamOfAsiaGirl



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