The Ultimate Warrior: P.O.E.T. Blaq Ice


Chicago Poet Blaq Ice

As an individual Artist, what do you think makes you stand out and helps you connect with your audiences the emotional way you do?

Sharing the stage; providing opportunity for others keeps P.O.E.T grounded. You may be the main feature on a sold out show this month and next month you may be working as an usher looking at your P.O.E.T brother or sister headlining. Our main focus is not sold out shows, but that is the benefit of our system. Our main focus is community service work, clothing the poor, feeding the hungry, ministering through our poetry to the sick and visiting those who are in prison. We ask interested poets not to join P.O.E.T if their main focus is performing and not using their gift for the community.

I can definitely feel that and CONGRATULATIONS on winning the 2012 National Poetry Award for Community Outreach!

I share the award with my P.O.E.T family and am truly honored to be recognized for the work that we have done and are doing.

You recently posted on Facebook, “Over 20 years later I still pay homage and give credit to all those who played a part in my journey to become the man and Artist I have become today.”  Why is that important for you to do?

Never forget the bridges you have crossed to get to where you are. I thank my parents, every teacher, the black leaders whom I studied and the countless mentors who took the time, who made the sacrifice and deposited in me something that is alive and active in my spirit. There would be no Blaq Ice without you.

Let’s play the name game. Blaq Ice (Chicago) versus Black Ice (Philadelphia). In my quest to learn as much as possible about your history in the Spoken Word industry, Black Ice’s name popped up a few times as well. Any statement you wanted to make about the difference between the two of you?

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