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– As seen in the Oct/Dec 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Pages 64-66.

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by Mfon Abel Ekene
Sometimes our little dreams lead us to great things in life we could never have imagined. Yes, big ideas and brands sometimes emerge as a little thought but if the right actions are applied, it could become a great potential that takes us beyond our imagination. This has been the story behind an emerging American entertainment company that has two divisions namely, Platinum Untouchable Records and Platinum Untouchable Models.

The beginning of Platinum Untouchable is very unique. The man behind it all is Eldonta McFadden who has been a big player in the showbiz world working with Paul Ring at Bungalo Universal Music group and also working with Artists such as Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls Jr., Eddie Levert Jr. and others. Eldonta started Platinum Untouchable Records for few reasons: To give talented unsigned Artists he knows a direct connection to the industry, helping them get the force they need to touch main stream and be able to grow independently.  While he was planning to use the platform to help his friends, he did not imagine that it would lead him to treasures of gold. The result is that today Platinum Untouchable is becoming a reference point in the industry for those seeking to break into mainstream.

The record label has a collection of great talents. Among them is Texas born 50/50 Twin who is not new to the industry. Alongside Grammy Award winning Rapper Chamillionaire they founded a Hip Hop music group called “The Color Changin’ Click”. Other members of the group included Paul Wall, Rasaq and others. The group split up in 2005. Other Artists on the Label include Young Sonny, Willie Maze, Benni Basil, Lucia Ramirez, etc.

Platinum Untouchable Models was launched in August 2012 with Supermodel Jasmin Aldana as its first signing. With the journey so far being that of success, I caught up with the man behind it all, the ever confident Eldonta McFadden. My 1st question was more provocative in a sense, but trust the ever inspiring Eldonta to be at his best.



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