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Mfon: Much noise has been made about the Platinum Untouchable records & models. What does the Platinum Untouchable brand have to offer the world of Entertainment?

Eldonta: Quality Artists and music! More new bright faces that will inspire the future of the industry! Our brand will stand for something bigger. The force behind and the main core of the Platinum Untouchable team is people who have grown up and been molded and trained by proven industry leaders. For example myself, a son of Bruce Dunbar (a member and Songwriter of UK group Delegation); Isa Saladeen Gamble, son of Kenny Gamble (Super Producer from The Sound of Philadelphia), just to name a few. All of Platinum Untouchable’s models are unique in their own ways. From every walk of life and nationality, the movement is sure to have an impact on the world of entertainment.

Mfon: Can you give us a look at your team and the journey so far?

Eldonta:  Our goal is to open doors for Artists and Producers that have been closed by 360 deals. Our Artists are from all points of the U.S.A. and we bring urban Hip Hop to the West coast riding music with a twist of the southern states. Every kind of music is coming from our Artists: Spanish female Artists, East coast born Hip Hop and R&B all together creating a never before seen group of talented Artists, Producers and Industry Heads. Joined by B.T.M.B (Bring The Music Back) Platinum Untouchable is even stronger now than before.

Mfon: What is the label’s plan for upcoming Models and Artists who are eager to join the movement?

Eldonta: Being a part of Platinum brings you to the realization of the industry, music and the entertainment world. All the people who join Platinum are for one thing truly blessed as we help them turn their dreams to reality and take them to the top; it’s where they need to be.

One thing is certain, that in the coming months there is more to come from Platinum Untouchable as the brand is currently involved in making a reality show apart from the music business.

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