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by Kitty Y. Williams
In our July/Sep 2012 issue we did a Meet the Artist front page feature on our friend Fitz Roy G. who helped design the first three covers of The INDIEgator. Many of our readers begged to know more about the man behind the art. So for this issue, we decided to give the people what they want and share an Exclusive interview we did just for you guys! It is important that we mention Fitz Roy is not just a Comic Artist but he is also a Musician, and in this interview we discuss his love of both.

Fitz, where are you from and where do you reside now? I’m originally from Western New York but have been living in Houston since 1998.

What first got you into music? I needed an outlet to express pain that I never felt before. This woman broke my heart so I found a way of spitting on her without actually doing the act.

Wow. Next question. Who were your early influences and how did they affect your music? Tupac, Jay-Z and Nas were some of my early influences. Pac talked about everything, from the streets to politics; from uplifting black people to destroying our communities. Nas was pretty much the same way but a dope lyricist. And Jay-Z made lyricism fly. Like everything he said was smooth no matter how hard or sad it was.

How did people respond to your first time on stage? I was in group called 3 Deep when I first performed on stage back in high school. Considering we were the youngest and least experienced, we got back some good feedback.

Did you learn anything about yourself from that experience? Be prepared for anything. The mics could go out and all you have is the instrumental, so the crowd won’t hear you. Or somebody might be a Record Executive in the crowd and want contact info or a Demo of your music. You need to be prepared for situations like this and then some.

What is your most memorable performance and why? My most memorable performance was actually at a strip club called Playground. Bdro, this dude I used to rap with, had made a strip club song the day before called “Up and Down”. We had that joint crunk. Strippers were running on stage to dance, people were throwing money everywhere. We got to perform the song twice in a row that night.

Okay. Sounds like everybody had a great time, lol. When did you start your record label by the way? I started my label F.R.G. Entertainment back in 2005. Nobody in Houston is interested in lyricism, so I had to do it on my own.

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