Interview with Fitz Roy G.


I’ll work with anybody of any style or genre. Music is music to me. I really want to work with somebody Pop or R&B.

How important would you say networking is for an Indie Artist trying to make it in the music industry? Networking is the foundation for any business. But people don’t want to do favors any-more. Everybody has their hands out though.

What type of events or promo do ya’ll have coming up in the next few months? I’m getting ready to drop my mixtape Trillmatic before the end of this year. This will be my 2nd mixtape. It’s like a prequel to my EP coming out next year, Knowledge Is Destiny, produced by my man Young K.I.D.

How long have you been interested in Comics? What got you into them? I’ve been interested in comics since the 5th grade. I went to a Performing Arts school and all the kids in my art class were into them. So naturally I hopped on the band wagon.

When did you decide to make your own and how did you learn to draw or color on such a skilled level? I had been drawing comics since the 5th grade. I stopped reading and drawing them in high school to do music. I realized a few years ago I could do both when I saw a lot of people who had no talent making money from comics. Everything I’ve learned is self-taught.

Who’s the favorite character you’ve drawn to date and why? I have a character called Victress. She is my black Wonder Woman. I wanted to do a black female because they are lacking in the comic book world.

What are your plans in regards to your own comic book series? I’m slowly working on several comic books. I’ve got to make sure the stories and art all perfect before I drop anything.

Where do you see yourself professionally in the next decade? Hopefully with an ongoing Comic book series out and touring.

Any advice for other Artists on the come up? Do what you feel is right and don’t take negative criticism too serious. Use it as fuel for your fire.

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