Sofia Nero of The Netherlands


– As seen in the Oct/Dec 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Page 16.

Pictured from Left to Right: Watze Houtstra (Bass), Joerie Dekker (Guitar), Jehannes Reitsma (Vocals/Guitar)  and Jorn Kortooms (Drums).

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Sofia Nero is not a female Singer, she is celebrated. Four men bring a musical tribute to her, the fatal woman that attracts any man into madness and devours him. The music is like her: a dark beauty, cross, wayward, unpredictable, captivating and compelling.

"Houdini" Album by Sofia NeroThe origin of the band is Tilburg Rock Academy and that is where they have learned. Musicianship goes hand in hand with a passionate stage presence. Challenging riffs, atmospheric guitars and poetic texts held together in a Spartan manner with tight and groovy drums are what you can expect during a performance from Sofia Nero. The result will probably be called Alternative Rock. There are several sources of inspiration to recognize, but Sofia Nero melts it all together into a unique perspective on the phenomenon of Rock music. The songs on the EP Houdini, (published in April 2012), act mostly on Sofia’s victims: figures from history, literature or the vicinity temporarily flourish, but a tragic fate is forever waiting. Dark romance, albeit with a wink.

Brought up with the heavy and soft of 90s music and fed by visionary minds, these men are bringing Sofia Nero the honor she deserves.

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