2012 Women of Entertainment, Fashion and Business Excellence Awards



Held @ 8pm at Flavor Lounge inside of Tea’ze Daiquiri Lounge
1319 FM 1960 E, Houston, TX 77090


Sixty-eight women honored at the Women of Entertainment, Fashion and Business Excellence Awards.

Entrepreneurs Keir “Fiya” Sylvester AKA DJ Fat Alberta and Ms. Tish have established a new avenue for women to be recognized for excelling in a variety of business industries, the Women of Entertainment, Fashion and Business Excellence Awards.

2012 Women of Entertainment, Fashion and Business Excellence Awards
PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 15, 2012 – Houston, TX – According to author Vickie L. Milazzo“…prior to becoming the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina (now former CEO of HP) stuffed her pants with socks for a male-dominated meeting. Her message was clear: “’I have everything it takes to compete.’” As we draw nearer to the end of 2012 more corporations, small businesses and employers are becoming aware that women are equipped with the tools necessary to match or surpass the skills of the male counter parts, no stuffing needed.

Keir “Fiya” Sylvester has spent a significant part of her life inspiring people to chase their goal and has assisted in giving them a platform to excel. She has worked 48 hours straight at her internet radio show, produced/ hosted a local TV show and provided local Houston artist a platform to express themselves at local events. Her colleague Ms. Tish, radio personality and local business owner, has owned and operated a Houston entertainment venue and a successful beauty shop for many years.

As two women with ambitious lifestyles, they understood the challenges facing women in male dominated business industries and wanted a chance to reward and encourage women who have tried and succeeded in entertainment, business and fashion.

With an independent spirit, imagination and determination, female pioneers of the new wave of entertainment, business and fashion are taking action. These individuals, often with little or no recognition, work to better their communities, industries and serve…

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