Special Event: Valentines Day Review 2013


Mag Editor Kitty Y. Williams, Event Organizer Jazzy Red and Musician C-Bank$ at Coles of Houston 2/14/2013.

by Kitty Y. Williams

Family Reunion
On Valentines Day 2013, The INDIEgator Magazine was invited out by Jazzy Red Productions and Butterflies Creation to celebrate a night of love and good music with a magnificent feast provided by Comfort Food Caterers and their über hot Server
who made sure my plate was overflowing with all of Jazzy’s good cooking. Valentines 2013 FlyerI’d have to say it was the probably the most enjoyable Valentine’s Day I’ve had in a while. Part of my excitement was the nostalgia from reuniting with so many people like my old friends Jazzy Red and C-Bank$ whom I hadn’t seen in a few years and Molew Designs who was there vending custom made earrings. There were several other beautiful people we got the opportunity to meet as well including DJ H-Town Butta and Emcee/Promoter Yolanda B who came down from Austin for the event.

Old School Style
After everyone had a chance to digest their romantic dinners in the cozy and dimly lit Cole’s of Houston, the night’s entertainment kicked off with an Old School style live performance by Little Buck and Rue Davis (who, according to fellow Musician in attendance C-Bank$, was “…performing his 5th last song of the night… But he jammin tho…” Every time you thought the duo were finished, they’d get right back up and do it again, complete with spinning in circles, pulling up that left pant leg and giving the crowd his “Serxy” look,  and crooning to the ladies in the audience up close and personal style. I loved it! Just as long as he stayed over there. I’m not one of those participating audience member types (chuckles). I came to be entertained! And that, I truly was. We all were. The guys did wonderful and kept the whole place jamming and at times singing along and even laughing for a while. But I know who I REALLY came to see and couldn’t wait.

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