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Itz Karma Time!
The first time I met Karma, The Diva Of Hip Hop Blues, I was sitting off to myself observing the scene at the 2012 RedZone Ultimate Music Fest and Awards put on by Fiyaworks Entertainment and friends. I was there to accept an award along with several other movers and shakers in the independent music industry here in Houston. I remember this very pretty slender lady in pink who came and sat next to me and just struck up a conversation. I can’t recall everything we discussed but remembered her having a strong yet very humble presence and beauty that stood out in the crowded room. She mentioned that she was going to be performing that night and unfortunately I ended up missing it due to additional obligations that evening. So when I found out she was the Headliner at Cole’s of Houston this year, made possible by her Publicist Jennifer JNo Simpson, we had to come see her LIVE.

Lakia Fields & Karma about to perform 2/14/2013

Lakia Fields & Karma about to perform 2/14/2013

Now let me tell you something, Sista, I do believe that night we were all officially “Karmatized” (karma • tized). It’s always refreshing to see a beautiful woman holding it down across multiple genres with a strong voice, energetic stage presence and classy sex appeal in an industry full of… we’ll just say challenges. Karma opened up with a snazzy and sassy little piece called “I Liked It”, an ode to the Bad Boys in our lives and the ups and downs that come with them. We all went crazy hootin and hollering when she started singing her rendition of “MISS CELIE’S BLUES (SISTER)” (see video above) which took us all back, considering The Color Purple just celebrated its 30 year anniversary in September 2012. #Classic. Before she had to run off to perform at another venue for the night, Jazzy Red requested “Come Holla @ Me”, just a little ode to haters who like to run their mouths about nothin. Once again, we were all #Jammin. You can learn more about Karma on her Official Website www.ItzKarma.com Tweet her  @ItzKarmababy.

All in all, it was a great night amongst old and new friends. The INDIEgator Magazine is definitely looking forward to more fun times ahead! Want to invite us out to review your next event? Just Contact Us for more information.

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