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by Kitty Y. Williams

One of my Facebook friends, Dennis “StirthePot” Glenn is often sharing funny, mostly controversial topics online just to “Stir the Pot”, as his nickname suggests, and really get people talking. Whether they are about people who know they should be ashamed going out in public like they do, or injustices in the justice system, he as always got something interesting to share.

This week, we noticed a newsworthy post on his page regarding 83 year old widow Maxine Golden who’s living alone in a home that is literally falling apart and gives no shelter from the weather elements; she was denied assistance from the local and federal government after Hurricane Ike damaged her home. Dennis (owner of D Harley Construction), Attorney Dee McKinney, Monique Walker-Blue and friends are raising money for supplies to help this Mother in the community as they continue to volunteer their time to rebuild what should be Ms Golden’s safe haven.

“We only need 200 folks to give a $25 Gift card from Lowes or Home Depot to help put a Roof and drywall in a 83 year old Black Queens home, it’s no way in Hell this woman should live in the conditions we saw her in. No hot water rain and cold blowing in her home, for the last 5 years. We blow 25 on drinks and food on a daily basics, Let’s help our own…”

Houston Fox 26’s Isiah Carey interviewed Dennis about the situation, here. Attorney Dee McKinney has setup her Paypal account now solely for donations for Ms. Golden this week 3/11/13:

“My Paypal account is under “”. All monies coming this week are for Ms. Golden. If anyone wants an accounting, I’m sure I can get an activity printout. My address is also D. McKinney, 6001 Savoy, #208, Houston, Texas 77036, (832) 242-7000. Monique Walker-Blue’s non profit can give tax receipts if necessary.”

You may also contact Dennis Glenn via Facebook or regarding sending them Gift Cards from Lowes or Home Depot to help put a Roof and drywall in Maxine’s home.  They are trying to raise $8,000 for materials (no labor) to complete the job. As of today, 3/12/2013, they have “…collected IN HAND $1,343.00. Our goal per day is $1,600.00. TODAY, we hope to collect an additional $1,900.00 to get us flowing smoothly!” according to Dee. Again Ms Golden is 83 years old, has no insurance, her son and husband have both died and she has only daughters.

Despite the beauty in doing charitable deeds for members of the community out of the kindness of ones heart, there will always be doubters. Today on Facebook Dennis vented,

“Do you guy’s know that The City of Houston Called Ms Golden and Told Her not to let us take advantage of her? How the Hell are we Taking advantage of someone Who They ignored? They are Mad cause we Called them Out On TV… Let’s show up and show out This weekend If you can’t give $25 give $5 give your time!!”

That’s Dennis stirring up the pot again. Hopefully there was just a small misunderstanding with the city? If you find it in your hearts to contribute or would love people to come together for you if you were ever in this same situation,  please contact one of the organizers for this fundraiser above.

Additional Sources: The Isiah Factor

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