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friendly facesThe INDIEgator: Yes, having a passion for what you do is also very important in success. With that said, every accomplishment comes with some roadblocks along the way. What are some challenges a Caregiver may face in dealing with the elderly client group? Are there any Rewards?

Qiana: My biggest challenge is that I provide a unique service that is mostly uncovered by insurance.  So my clients have to have the funds available to pay for these services privately.  There are so many Seniors who need our type of services, but are on a fixed income and unfortunately do not have the funds available to them.  We do not want to turn any Senior away that is truly in need of assistance.  So now we are starting to network with nonprofit organizations that may be able to offer services to these Seniors through government grant programs.  As far as a reward, this career is a unique opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life… To provide hope for families trying to care for their loved ones.  We promote independent living if possible and many Seniors are able to do so with the assistance of a Caregiver. Many families do not want to put their loved ones in nursing homes yet also do not have the capacity to solely care for them, so we provide a great solution!  It is undisputed that the quality of care is better when clients receive personalized service, one on one care.  When a Senior is able to stay in their home or with family, it actually promotes longevity and healing.  So we truly enjoy being able to provide these services!

The INDIEgator: Qiana, Tell us something very important that any future Professional Caregivers for the Elderly should know about the industry or about themselves before entering in this field? 

Qiana: The industry is ever changing right now and will continue to do so over the next few years.  With the Healthcare Reform, there are many new laws that will be in effect that will be both positive and negative for this industry as a whole.  It is very important to do your research before entering this field, either as a Caregiver or an agency owner.

The INDIEgator: What are just a few of the main Goals you have set for your agency to achieve in the next few years?

Qiana: To become Houston’s premier choice for in home Senior care. I also plan to expand my service lines to include Nanny care, Housecleaning and On-Site Spa services for my Senior clients.

The INDIEgator: Do you plan to expand your business to other states or countries?

Qiana: I currently have no plans for that as I prefer to keep it small and personal.

The INDIEgator: What inspires you to do what you do today?

Qiana: Acts 20:35 – “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” I live by that scripture in both my personal and professional life.

The INDIEgator: Often times when you hand out your business cards, people note how beautiful you are and that your face is a great representative of your company. Have you ever considered Modeling as a hobby? 

Qiana: Thank you but no, never considered it.  I am a licensed Cosmetologist and have a passion for Beauty & Fashion…  So I like to say that I clean up well.

You certainly do Qiana and we thank you for allowing us to get to know the Beauty behind our first official INDIEgator cover girl. The passion you have for assisting and being a blessing to our Texas seniors and those living with disabilities is truly something beautiful. Special populations need all of our love, support and the security of knowing they are in good hands with friendly faces during their times of need. We here at The INDIEgator Magazine are sending a big emphatic Thank You Hug in a Box to Friendly Faces Senior care. For those of you interested in becoming a Client, Partner or Sponsor, please visit or call (281) 302-4138.


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