Grown Folks Only: What’s In YOUR Bedroom?


The INDIEgator: Do you have any particular favorite items you like to share with your party audiences?

BK by Michele: I love the “Tease and Please” collection which includes 3 different foreplay sets. Some come with handcuffs, blindfolds and other items. Adding the “Helping Hand” for male partners aids in foreplay as well as a nice toy for him to travel with. For the ladies I highly recommend the “Hip Hop”, which is small but extremely powerful.  A majority of the Bedroom Kandi massagers come with a USB cord for charging, which eliminates the need for batteries; some are even covered under a warranty.  An additional note is to always have a good lubricant on hand for better enjoyment; Bedroom Kandi offers “Natural Lubricant” and “Delicious Encounters” which is a flavored lubricant.

The INDIEgator: Michele, where can we find out more about your upcoming BK events and how can others become Consultants like you?

BK by Michele: For event updates please visit Hosting a Bedroom Kandi party is FREE and the Hostess will receive 10% of the total party sales and FREE PRODUCTS OF YOUR CHOICE!!! Plus the Hostess will also get 50% OFF of any three additional products! For people who have been looking for an opportunity to earn extra income, start their own business and set their own hours, becoming a Bedroom Kandi Consultant is easy. Anyone interested can visit my website at  and click on the link to become a Consultant. I take pride in my Team of Consultants. I prefer to take them to parties with me for training, to share party leads and we hold monthly drawings for incentives.

The INDIEgator: Ok Thanks for the info! At the end of the day, would you say all of this is more work than fun or more fun than work?

BK by Michele: I would call it a fun work environment! I get to network with some great women and men who are interested in spicing up their Sexual Health as well as adding variety to the bedroom.

Great Answer! Thank you so much Michele for giving us some insight into this new toy line and your journey as a Consultant for Bedroom Kandi. From first hand experience, we can truly say that you do a magnificent job in making everyone, including newbies, feel very comfortable during your informative and educational yet fun presentations! Again Everyone, be sure to contact her at the websites mentioned above. You can also catch Michele and her sister Rochele on their hilarious entertainment show, The Gossiping Heifers, broadcasting every Wednesday on at 7pm CST.

For more pictures from the Bedroom Kandi Party we attended, click here. (Must be logged into Facebook to view)


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